Scott E. Kercheville, MD


Scott E. Kercheville, MD

ASA Director, District 19 Texas
Interim Report - October 2019

The ASA Board of Directors met at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL at 10:00 AM on October 23, 2019 immediately following the ASA House of Delegates and was convened by ASA President Dr. Mary Dale Peterson. The conduct of the meeting was turned over and conducted by Dr. Ronald Harter, ASA Speaker.

Dr. Michael Champeau, ASA Treasurer was recognized for updates to the 2020 Budget as approved by the just adjourned HOD. Prior to the approved dues increase, there was a projected $325K deficit but that was updated with an additional $850K of income and $400K of new expenses to leave a small surplus.

New members were added to the four Board Committees and each one of these elected their chairs for the upcoming years.

Dr. Peterson adjourned the ASA Interim Board Meeting at 10:20 AM.

Director, ASA District 19


FROM: TEXAS Society of Anesthesiologists

SUBJECT: Texas Resolution

DATE: October, 2019

  1. WHEREAS, the term "provider" is used by some as an all-encompassing definition for an
  2. individual that works in the health care service industry;
  3. WHEREAS, the term "provider" does not specify or provide any clarity for patients of the level
  4. of training or education of the person providing care;
  5. WHEREAS, the term "provider" intentionally is used to create confusion among patients so that
  6. patients interpret no difference in the care received from "providers" regardless of their education
  7. or training;
  8. WHEREAS, the confusion created above is used by carriers, hospital systems, and midlevel
  9. providers to encourage patients to see midlevel providers rather than physicians in order for the
  10. companies to save money at the expense of highest quality medical standards and patient safety;
  11. WHEREAS, Anesthesiologists have 14 years of education and over 12000 hours of training; and
  12. WHEREAS, the American Society of Anesthesiologists and its members are dedicated to the
  13. highest quality medical standards for their patients; therefore, be it
  14. RESOLVED, that the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA), in its publications, policies,
  15. and conferences, shall cease using the term "provider" to describe board certified
  16. Anesthesiologists, substituting "Anesthesiologist", "physician," or "resident," "fellow" or other
  17. term that recognizes the education, training and experience of its members; and be it further
  18. RESOLVED, that the ASA encourage Anesthesiologists, its state components, and the media to
  19. use the term "Anesthesiologist", or "physician" instead of "provider" when describing board-
  20. certified anesthesiologists; and be it further
  21. RESOLVED, that the ASA produce a formal Position Paper on the use of the term Provider.

SCOTT E. KERCHEVILLE, M.D. ASA Director District 19

CRYSTAL C. WRIGHT, M.D. ASA Alt. Director District 19



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