SEPTEMBER 5-6, 2019


  1. Recognized and applauded special guests from the American Society of Anesthesiologists, Texas ASA officers, new members of the TSA and TSA Past Presidents.

  2. Accepted and approved the Minutes of the TSA House of Delegates Meetings of September 6 & 7, 2018, as written

  3. Recognized Baylor College of Medicine, Baylor Scott & White-Temple, McGovern Medical School at UT-Houston, Texas Tech Health Science Center-Lubbock, UT Health Science Center-San Antonio, UT Medical Branch-Galveston, and UT Southwestern Medical Center for maintaining 100% resident membership in the TSA.

  4. Recognized TSA members who have been accepted into the 2019-2020 TMA Leadership College and past participants of the program.

  5. Recognized Robert M. Ricketts, MD as the 2019 William H. King Advocacy Award recipient.

  6. Presented the Ray Callas Outstanding Key Contact Award to Zachary S. Jones, MD.

  7. Accepted all items published on the consent calendar for information only.

  8. Expressed appreciation to the members of the Reference Committees, the TSA President, Speaker, Vice-Speaker, Chris Bacak and Jennifer Bacak.

  9. Accepted testimony in support of the TSA educating members about risks associated with different practice models.

  10. Acknowledged the content and presentation of the Director's report from District 5.

  11. Recognized Dr. Mary Dale Peterson for her leadership as ASA President-Elect.

  12. Recognized Dr. Ray Callas for serving the TSA as President and providing extensive leadership within the TMA.

  13. Approved that the TSA Leadership Dinner become an official kickoff to the TSA Annual Meeting and that it be funded in full by sponsors.

  14. Acknowledged Dr. John Scott's commitment to coordinate the leadership dinner for the past 12 years.

  15. Noted that TMLT will sponsor the leadership dinner in full.

  16. Approved that the TSA hire additional legislative consultant/s.

  17. Received testimony in support of hiring additional legislative consultants for focused and concise health care related issues.

  18. Approved that program directors and department chairs support the active participation and attendance at TSA events of their TSA committee appointees.

  19. Received and approved the TSA committee appointments for 2019-2020.

  20. Approved that the Bylaws Committee develop additional opportunities for appointment of qualified members to the Key Contact Committee.

  21. Approved that the Education Sub-Committee on Research and the Ad-Hoc Committee on Leadership Development formalize their proposed future and function at this meeting.

  22. Approved that the TSA display TSAPAC and ASA PAC membership for each district in the House of Delegates (HOD) during the TSA Annual Meeting and that consideration should be given to those demonstrating advocacy efforts for TSA committee appointments and reappointments.

  23. Approved that academic anesthesiologists maximize educational efforts for residents and students on advocacy in anesthesiology with innovative strategies that avoid use of state resources and that this effort be led by department chairs.

  24. Approved that the Section Council of TSA Members Involved in the TMA be appointed as a standing committee to assist with this process and inform and identify potential anesthesiologists for future opportunities within the TMA.

  25. Approved that the TSA identify key members to formalize an outreach program to increase Medical Student knowledge of and involvement in the TSA.

  26. Approved that department chairs and program directors fully support outreach efforts by the TSA Practice Management Committee and leaders.

  27. Approved that the Committee on Administrative Affairs ensure that proposals for 2020 salary and/or bonus consider COL increases.

  28. Approved that the Committee on Administrative Affairs ensure that the salary structure for Bonnie Bruce is commensurate with her level of expertise and influence.

  29. Approved that the Ad Hoc Committee to Bring the TSA and TAAA Together be reinvigorated under new leadership to advise on future strategies for AA licensure and practice in Texas.

  30. Approved the 2020 projected budget as amended.

  31. Approved that a capitalization policy with a threshold of $2,500 be established.

  32. Approved that funding in the amount of $1000 continue for the license of digitized files.

  33. Acknowledged the hard work and dedication of the Austin staff: Christina Bacak, Bonnie Bruce, Claire Foster, Judy Garcia-Bigger, Ashlee Quick and Jessica Shepherd.

  34. Recognized and applauded Glenn A. Bacak as the 2019 Cindy Zerwas Special Friend Award recipient.

  35. Recognized and applauded Asa C. Lockhart, MD as the 2020 Distinguished Service Award recipient.

  36. Approved the proposed addition of Section 9.2092.3 to the TSA Bylaws.

  37. Approved proposed modification to Section 3.23 of the TSA Bylaws.

  38. Approved the proposed modification to Section 9.1 of the TSA Bylaws.

  39. Approved the proposed modifications to Section 9.2152 of the TSA Bylaws.

  40. Referred the recommendation that the TSA purchase a Fair Health data package to a committee of the President's choice with a report back to the Board of Directors and action by the January 2020 Board meeting.

  41. Recognized Dr. Sherif Zaafran for his commitment and dedication to the TSA Governmental Affairs Committee and his service as chair of the committee for the past 7 years.

  42. Recognized Dr. Carin Hagberg for her work on the Judicial Committee and commitment to expediting the duties of the Judicial Committee.

  43. Revised Report 513-Key Contact, Annual, page 1, line 25 to read: "Urging Senators to vote against the Alexander/Murray balance billing legislation."

  44. Approved that TSA continue its subscription with Voter Voice.

  45. Approved that the TSA Key Contact Committee work with the Communications Committee to create a social media page for Key Contacts to share what they are doing to support their legislators in the election season.

  46. Elected the following:

President Elect David E. Bryant
Secretary Amr E. Abouleish
Treasurer George W. Williams
Assistant Treasurer Charles E. Cowles
ASA Delegates
     Place 7 Susan Curling
     Place 8Asa C. Lockhart
     Place 10David C. Mackey
     Place 11S. Lynn Knox
     Place 17Girish P. Joshi
     Place 23Sherif Z. Zaafran
     Place 24Tim M. Bittenbinder
     Place 26Udaya B. Padakandla
     Place 27Thomas J. Oliverson
     Place 28George W. Williams
ASA Alternate Delegates
     Place 1 Jose M. Soliz
     Place 2Meera Gangadharan
     Place 3Bracken S. Kolle
     Place 4G. Ray Callas
     Place 5Stacey L. Allen
     Place 6Russell K. McAllister
     Place 7Christopher R. Cook
     Place 8Kristina L. Goff
     Place 9Vijaya Gottumukkala
     Place 10C. Nicholas Lee
     Place 11 Scott Meril
     Place 12Michael R. Hicks
     Place 13Andrew L. Zak
     Place 14Radha Arunkumar
     Place 15Joe F. Bryan, II
     Place 16Benjamin D. Harvey
     Place 17Michelle Z. Koehler
     Place 18Charles E. Cowles
     Place 19Vijay Saluja
     Place 20Vishal Raizada
     Place 21 Austin D. Street
     Place 22Stacy L. Norrell
     Place 23Ramy Mankarious
     Place 24Elizabeth Rebello
     Place 25Jeremie J. Perry
     Place 26Don J. Daniels
     Place 27Anna M. Allred
     Place 28Kristyn B. Ingram
     Place 29Mark A. Margolis
     Place 30Edward J. Prejean, III


  1. Encouraged TSA members who are interested in TMA involvement to attend their local meetings.

  2. Approved that TSA continue to support their members to be engaged in the TMA and the county medical societies through voting support in local and state representation on councils, committees, and leaders.

  3. Approved that the important work of the Ad-Hoc Committee on Leadership Development be continued in a committee of the President's choice.

  4. Announced that the House of Delegates had a 90% member participation rate in the TSAPAC.

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